Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Moving On Again

Hi there folks!

Way back in 2001, when I got diagnosed with cancer and started undergoing treatment, I decided to keep family and friends informed on my medical progress by posting updates to my web site at www.buckcash.com.  To do that, I started making a series of web pages as journal entries.  That was before I'd ever heard the terms "Blog" or "Blogger" or "Blogging".

By the time I'd made about 60 of those pages/updates, it was getting to be a pain in the butt to make the pages for each update, and by then, I'd heard of this cool new thing called blogging, and it seemed like just the ticket to make my updating a lot easier.  So, in 2004, I started putting my updates here on Blogger, and that worked pretty well for me.

Recently, I started looking into other blogging solutions and was impressed with WordPress.  After taking a few courses for it on Lynda.com, I decided that I really wanted to use it going forward, so I bought a new domain name, set up on a whole new server and fired it up.

I spent the last few weeks importing all my original journal posts into it by hand, and finished that earlier today.  Then I used it's automated import tool to bring in all the Blogger posts from this blog a few minutes ago, and now I've got everything all in one place there, which is pretty cool.

So, from now on, I plan to use the new site for my updates.

That said, this might be the last post I make here.  So, if you happened to land here from a search or have been following me here, here's where you can find all the updates after today:


See you there!