Friday, May 10, 2013

PET Scan Results

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Went to see the Doctor on Wednesday to go over the PET Scan results. To get straight to THE point, no cancerous activity spotted, so the remission is ON, BABY!

It did show a couple other areas of activity though. One was my sinuses, which are showing a bit of activity. I've been having what seems like hay fever / pollen type symtoms for about a week now; Watery eyes, sneezing, lots of mucus, etc. Anyway, Doc gave me some antibiotics, just in case, and I'm taking Claritin to dry up the sinus a bit.

It also showed that I have a single gall stone, but it's calcified already, and probably won't give me any trouble.

I've got a couple of infusions to do. First one is on May 15th and the next is on June 12th. I don't even remember what I'm being infused with, but it's to boost something that's still a bit low. I'll update with full details when I get the first on on the 15th.

I'm scheduled for a visit to Karmanos in Detroit on June 5th for a visit with my Doctor there doing a follow up on the Stem Cell Transplant. I expect that will go just fine.

I checked the Henry Ford IMAX schedule and found that the new Star Trek movie will be playing there in 3D, so I'm definitely planning to take that in while I'm there.

Also I'll be scheduled for a colonoscopy soon because of something really small and pretty insignificant that showed up in that area. Doctor's not terribly concerned about it, but we'll take a look just to be sure because of my age.

Speaking of age, I just had a birthday. 54 and still going strong here! That's about it for now! Will update again when I have more.

Till then, cya later cats and kittens! ;>)

Oh, and the photo is of my grandson, Michael, just being his happy self.


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