Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A slight delay

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Saw the doctor and someone from Pharmaceutics yesterday.

The Pharm guy explained all about my upcoming chemos and stem cell transplant; What they are, how they'll be administered, what side effects to expect, etc. It was all pretty straightforward, fairly familiar territory for me by now.

The stem cells are to help me recover because these aggressive chemos will really wipe out my white cells immune system like crazy.

The doctor looked at the site on my chest where the port was removed and the triple line catheter placed. They're not pleased with the way it looks, and weren't happy that the procedure to do both is more than he asked for or anticipated. The surgery should have just placed the catheter on the other side of my chest. Instead, with both the removal and replacement, the site is excessively bruised, red and looked infected even, which is why they gave me the antibiotic drips.

He doesn't want to take the chance that my body is fighting to restore that area at the same time that my chemo is taking out my immune system, so we've got a week's delay to me being admitted. It was intended that I'd go in today to begin the chemo, etc. Now we're schedule for a week from today, on Tuesday the 27th, 2012.  Between now and then, I'll also be taking some antibiotics orally to try to clean that site up.

I'll see the doc again on the day before that, Monday, to reaffirm that we're ready to go forward.

Probably nothing more to add till then, so have a happy Turkey Day to you all, and I'll update again when there's more to talk about.



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