Friday, May 03, 2013

PET Scan

Stranded Spider 2282, originally uploaded by Buck Cash.

Well, here we are a couple months after my last post. Not much has happened medically in that time, until yesterday, when I had another PET Scan.

It's an easy procedure; Go in, get an IV, they inject the radioactive isotope marker into the bloodstream, give you a blanket and turn out the lights so you can nap for 90 minutes while it goes to all parts of your body, then wake you up, scan you in the big donut machine for about 20 minutes, and you're on your way.

I'll have a visit with my doctor next Tuesday to review the results of that scan.

Other than that, I moved into my own place, which has a nice big studio space I can work with, so that's pretty cool.

Casey, Gracie and Michael have been staying with me while she looks for a job and her own place in the Petoskey area.

I've been selling off a bunch of stuff I no longer use on eBay and that's giving me a little extra cash and helping me do a little spring cleaning.

And speaking of spring, THE SNOW IS FINALLY GONE!!!!! WOOOT!!! I probably shouldn't get too excited. It's only the beginning of May and I'm in Northern Michigan - We could get a blizzard tomorrow! LOL!

Anyway, all's good here, as far as I can tell. A little congested the last couple of days, but my mom says it's all the pollen this time of year. LABS next week when I go to see my doctor should tell if it's anything else that needs to be dealt with or not.

So, I'll fill in again next week after I see the doc! Till then, enjoy this spider photo I shot a while back (even though he's dead now, he's sort of a pet - get it? PET Scan? I know - Duh!)


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