Thursday, April 10, 2008

Buck in Lafayette

Buck_7580, originally uploaded by

Well, here I am in beautiful Lafayette, Louisiana. I started putting my photos up on Flickr a couple of weeks ago, just to have another place to store and access them mostly.

Thing is, it's really growing on me. I really like the interface, the uploading tool, the collections and sets I can make, tagging, groups to join in with, and so much more. It's quickly become my #1 choice online photo gallery site. If this keeps up, I may just abandon all the others I've been using.

And today I clicked a link there that let me set up a way to directly interface between Flickr and my Blog (which hasn't gotten much attention recently from me - umm... has it really been 7 months?! Oops!). Okay, I guess this is just gonna be too much fun and too easy to pass up! So here I am, first post straight out of flickr to my regular blog. Too cool. Color me 'very happy'.

I did have to change the template a bit. The original wasn't wide enough to deal with a 500 px wide photo straight out of my Flickr pool, so I changed that. I had to remake some of the frame graphics wider to make it all work right though, so while I was at it, I added a little dragonfly that I photographed the other day at the Lafayette Tourist Information rest stop.

I'm still working on my studio / portrait / lighting photography. I think I've come a long way, but I've still got a long way to go - much farther than the short distance I've come so far actually.

In any case, this is a self-portrait intended to practice balancing ambient light with flash. The setup was: Ambient light from doorway left using door as flag to shade behind subject, 580 EX II @ 1/2 power on right with Sto-Fen & ceiling bounced, another 580 EX II with Sto-Fen on camera and pointed up 45 degrees @ 1/32 power for fill.

Now, if you don't speak camera / strobist, don't worry about all that jibber-jabber above - just enjoy the photo and know that I'm having fun with it all. :)

With flickr making it this easy for me to post images and blog updates, chances are good that I'm gonna get REAL active with my blog again.

Oh - cancer update - still feeling great, in remission. Look how long my hair is in the photo - that's how long it's been since my last chemo (which made me bald! - hehehe).