Sunday, July 15, 2007

On "Sicko" and CNN

Dear CNN, The Situation Room, Dr. Gupta and Wolf Blitzer,

Having carefully watched the movie and the CNN videos you’ve recently aired, and compared them to the facts surrounding the claims and counterclaims made by both sides regarding Michael Moore’s new movie “Sicko”, it is clear that Dr. Gupta simply cherry-picked a few numbers from Sicko, misrepresented them as non-factual and overly-significant, all in order to engage in a 'hit' piece against Mr. Moore. Worse, he focused on these irrelevant and minute (in the scheme of things) number details (that he got wrong) that are neither here nor there in the overall scope of the problems and real issues that should be debated and resolved regarding health care and the for-profit motivations of the insurance and big pharm industries that continue to drive our health care costs ever higher in this country.

At this point, that giant elephant standing right there in the living room that you seemingly choose to attempt to ignore is crowding you up against the wall, making you all come off as foolish mouthpieces for the very industries this film rightly targets - the same industries that throw piles of money at both our politicians and CNN (read: your paychecks) in order to maintain and continually elevate their ability to blatantly bilk average American citizens to the tune of billions of dollars in profit every year in the name of "helping them".

Moore was right to point out how you've been consistently letting the American people down when it comes to questioning the powers-that-be over their decisions regarding this mess in Iraq and so much more over the years. Why don't you side with the American people for a change, ask the tough questions, demand real answers, stop smiling and smirking and sucking up the non-stop, non-answering rhetoric from the so-called pundits driven by fact-spinning think tanks and corporate and political hacks that pretend they care about us or our problems, when they clearly only care about their bottom line and how they can next screw the common people in order to pad their own salaries and profits even more?

You've turned the Free Press that should be helping us keep our corporations and politicians on the up and up with pointed questions and straight talk into just another corporate mouthpiece for them, obviously in bed with those very corporations and politicians. We know and expect their greed to lead them down the wrong path - a path fraught with danger for the common people of our own country and even the world, but it is unconscionable that your own greed should lead you to be complicit in those morally bankrupt endeavors.

Wake up. The revolution has begun, and this time it’s informational. We, the millions of people you used to be able to lead by the nose, are connecting, talking, debating and comparing ideas and facts online with each other now faster than you can possibly keep up. Everything you say, everything you misrepresent, everything you misreport, everything you attempt to misconstrue is now fact-checked, corrected and disseminated to millions of our fellow citizens before the next commercial break via online blogs.

Moore’s right – it’s time we tune you out. Your corporate-spin media and your corporate, partisan hit pieces are quickly becoming irrelevant in the instant, digital exchange of information and ideas that prove beyond a doubt that the corporate emperor that actually pulls all the strings in this country through our politicians and the media that empowers them has no clothes and no morals, and neither do his servants, hacks nor information dissemination services disguised as “news”.

Shame on all of you.